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3 Value-Laden Birthday Party Character Themes for Little Girls

Posted by Tutu Heaven on 11/20/2014

Thinking of a nice birthday party theme for your little girl? There are certainly plenty of wonderful characters that make for popular themes nowadays. But in order to teach great values and moral lessons to your own child, it would be good to pick out a female character that represents something meaningful and can be a good role model for her.

1.      Rainbow Brite

Remember Rainbow Brite? Chances are your little girl has never heard of her. However, you can definitely introduce her even before the party. Expose her to Rainbow Brite reruns and items while emphasizing what this character stands for--- happiness and positivity.

A lot of adults today easily get demotivated and depressed and may lack big dreams and great visions for their future. This is because as children and while growing up, they were exposed to so many negative thoughts and ideas. Being told "Don't do this" and "You can't do that" repeatedly will definitely result in people who quickly become disheartened and easily complain.

Plan a Rainbow Brite party for your child! It will not just provide great happiness for everyone, but it's a great way to teach and model a positive attitude and behavior too. All you need are rainbow-colored decors for the venue so it's also quite easy to prepare. You can print out Rainbow Brite character pictures as well. And of course don't forget to check out our Rainbow Brite-inspired outfits and accessories for your little girl's birthday ensemble.

2.      Alice in Wonderland

Classics like Alice in Wonderland should certainly be introduced to little girls of today. Since it's based on a book, you will be able to encourage the love for reading and appreciation for classics. What's more, you ought to ingrain in your little girl the remarkable lessons from this story.

It would be good to teach kids how to manage their own growth, that what they eat or consume will affect their physical development, just like what happens to Alice in the book. If you take a good look at Alice's conversation with the Cheshire Cat, your child can learn a lot from it about setting specific goals in life and having a vision before choosing a path toward it.

Indeed having an Alice in Wonderland party will be value-laden and lots of fun. You can prepare blown-up pictures of scenes from the book and even have a storytelling or film viewing for the kids. Children are natural adventure lovers, and so you can prepare activities that depict or are related to the adventures of Alice in the story.

Don't worry about your child's get-up because we carry several different Alice in Wonderland-themed tutus and accessories that she can pick from!

3.      Frozen Princess

Ever since the great popularity of Disney's latest princess movie called "Frozen", so many little girls have been employing this theme for their birthday parties. Well, if your little girl truly loves it, then grant her wish and turn her into a beautiful ice princess!

The movie "Frozen" depicts princesses in a more realistic manner, which will do your child a lot of good as you teach her to follow the good examples shown by the leading characters and also to learn from the mistakes exhibited in the story. Self-acceptance is one of the biggest values emphasized in the film. Teaching children to accept and love themselves will allow them to be better people and greater achievers in the long run. Familial love is another wonderful moral lesson shown, which will also go a long way when kids value it early on.

Should you decide on this theme for your little girl's party, you might want to ask the children to showcase their talents. Come up with activities that will enable them to appreciate themselves more. You may also want to facilitate family-themed games, decorate the venue in blue and silver, and make use of Frozen-inspired party favors. And for the birthday celebrant, you should definitely check out our stunning ice princess outfits and accessories which any little girl will surely fall in love with.

So what are you waiting for? Pick your value-laden character theme for your little girl's birthday party and have fun with the preparations! Start by going over our remarkable character couture catalogue. Enjoy!