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Birthday Hats

Birthdays are the most unique type of party. They only occur once a year, and you get to celebrate an event that you can't possibly remember happening. When you're young, you want that birthday to come so bad that you start counting your age by 1/2 years, and when you get a little older, you fib about how many candles should go on the cake.

At Tutu Heaven, we're of the opinion that birthdays should be celebrated by dressing up in the most colorful and fun clothes, eating lots and lots of cake, and playing games with friends and loved ones. To help with the dress-up side of things, we carry some extremely cool birthday party hats for your little one. Choose from the royal appeal of the Brown Leopard Birthday Crown or get sassy with the Pink Leopard Birthday Hat. Both are guaranteed to add a ton of dress-up fun and energy to her next BIG day!