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Burlesque Dressing 101

Posted by Teri on 1/28/2014
Burlesque used to be a naughty word, but no longer and we at Southern Wrag have a variety of corsets, bustles, petticoats and stockings to add polish and spice to your burlesque routine—whether you’re a veteran performer or a novice working it for fun at home.

And Burlesque is nothing if not FUN! The sequins, the lace, the tease of the sheer skirt and the luxury of satin all work together to create a scintillating effect. So let’s start from the top down with some Dressing for Burlesque 101.

The Corset:  Buying a corset can be an intimidating prospect. How do you know what size to buy? Front or back closure? Lacing or pop-front? Merry Widow or full? We take much of the guesswork out of your corset purchase with a range of attractive choices. Our corsets are available from size small to 2X, and we provide corresponding dress sizes or cup sizes to help you choose the corset to fit you. Most of our corsets have pop-front closures for easy release. They also have sexy back laces for tightening to just the right level of cinch with 12 lightweight bones and polyester construction. All are Merry Widow style (strapless), and feature a sweetheart neckline, which is perfect for showcasing the hourglass figure our corsets will give you. From the frolicsome Rainbow Corset to glittering Sequined Corsets and sleek Satin Corsets for everything from performance to edgy nighttime club-wear, and reasonably priced, we’ve got you covered.

The Petticoat and/or Bustle: Burlesque is all about the flash of skin, the suggestion of what’s to come, and our short illusion petticoats come in a variety of colors to allow you to give a hint of thigh between the hemline and stockings. They also have cute satin bow decorations at the front, which make them great for doing double-duty as party-wear over tights and with a crop top. Another fantastic option is our bustle. With the increasing popularity of the “mullet dress” these Victorian-inspired bustles are the perfect answer—long ruffled layers of organza sweep down the back of the leg and a slip of lace in the front provides the peekaboo surprise Burlesque is all about. Pair the Red Bustle with the Red Satin Sweetheart Corset for a show-stopping look.

The Stockings: From Rainbow to Harlequin Stripes, our thigh highs put the finishing touch on your Burlesque look. Pair our Poker Suite stockings with the Red Bustle and Sequined Tux Corset for a fantastic Valentine’s Day look, or add a crown and do a great Queen of Hearts. Our selection of striped tights are perfect for when you want a bit more modesty—and are wonderful for fashionable, quirky every day wear.

Burlesque is the perfect way to let your creativity shine and is ready to help you unleash your inner Diva!