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Celebrate Your Soldier's Return

Posted by Tutu Heaven on 10/21/2014

When you come from a military family, you know the importance making the return of your soldier special.  The homecoming is an event, especially if you have little ones.  Was Daddy deployed when you gave birth?  Has he not had the opportunity to meet his baby in person?  Did Mommy miss her child’s birthday because she was in another country protecting life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

You can dress your son to impress in a suit and tie, making him too handsome for words, but it’s different with little girls.  She’s the little princess and should be dressed as such.

Tutu Heaven has the most adorable military tutus for your little girl to greet her soldier in.  All dressed up in an adorable camo tutu with a bow on her head, she will be the talk of the base.

For Mom, whether you’re the one holding down the fort on the home front or you’re returning to your loved ones, there’s a little something sexy for the first night home.  The camouflage corset is perfect for seduction, and the Americana tutu is positively patriotic.