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Creative Uses for Your Girl’s Tutu Dresses

Posted by Teri on 2/11/2014
Tutu dresses for girls have come a long way. Traditionally seen in ballet performances, these cute dresses for girls are now part of many girls’ wardrobe and now carried by top designer brands and independent sellers. And since the latest offerings of tutu dresses come in different cuts, styles and colors then your girls are given the chance to wear these dresses for different kinds of occasions and family gatherings. Here are some creative uses for your girls’ tutus that can work at all times.

Use tutu dresses as inspiration for flower girl dresses- If you are planning a wedding and you want a novel approach to flower girl dresses, consider taking a cue from tutus. Whether the tutu skirts are in pink or cream color, you can be sure that tutus will serve as great platforms to create a cute look for girls. You can throw in some embellishments and accents like fluffy flowers and pearls to heighten the appeal.

Add a new spin into a Halloween attire using tutus- The bright, fun and fluffy dresses for girls called tutus can also serve as your canvass in creating a great Halloween look. Use the tutu skirts as the basis for witch or fairy-inspired costumes. You can take the DIY route and create your own skirts using black tulle material. If you have light-colored tulle, then you can easily dye this to suit your Halloween desires. You can change the color of the tulle material depending on your Halloween inspiration, for example a vibrant tulle material to come up with a pumpkin dress.

Tutu dresses for themed birthday parties- You can also turn to your tutus if your girl has been invited to a themed birthday party. You can transform a white tutu skirt for girls into an angel tutu costume. Just throw in the feathered angel wings and matching hair piece and you come up with an ethereal look.

Tutus for girls can work for different occasions provided you tap into your creative side. You can shop for ready-made tutu dresses or you can go the DIY route and craft your own costumes based on basic tutus for girls.