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4 Steps in Making DIY Thanksgiving Costumes for Little Girls

Posted by Tutu Heaven on 11/18/2014

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Indeed this is an important celebration, and you may actually be anticipating a few celebrations.

Wouldn't it be great to doll up your little girl in a beautiful Thanksgiving-themed costume so that she can truly feel the essence of the event? Of course you ought to tell her the classic Thanksgiving story and explain what the occasion represents and why people commemorate it.

Here are the steps involved in making a DIY Thanksgiving costume for your little girl:

Step 1: Research on Symbols of Thanksgiving.

The first thing you have to do is to research on symbols of the event. You're bound to encounter turkeys, pumpkins, corn, berries, and sunflowers.

Furthermore, if you study the history of this occasion, you'll discover that it actually revolves about harvest celebration. This gives you the idea that you can incorporate various crops into your child's costume.

Step 2: Prepare the Top and Skirt.

In the original Thanksgiving story, Native Americans and Pilgrims both played major roles. Hence, you can dress up your little girl accordingly.

If you decide to go for Native American or Indian, you can go for a brown skirt and blouse with fringes. If you want something different, a brown tutu will do the trick. Dress it up with colorful feathers and let your baby, toddler, or preschooler wear a pair of matching boots.

Now what about for the Pilgrim look? All you need is a plain black dress which you must cover with a white apron and a white cover on the shoulders and chest area that looks like a huge bib or an enormous Peter Pan collar. But for a more fashionable touch, try to go for a black tutu underneath a short white apron.  

The third option is to pick out a nice harvest-themed tutu in shades of orange and/or brown. You can pair this with a plain white shirt or one that's the same color as the skirt. This outfit will of course only be completed when you get to the next step.

Step 3: Embellish and Accessorize the Clothes.

With the three options you have above, you can move on to planning the embellishments on the actual clothing. This is where your actual artistic skills will come in handy.

For instance, if you intend for your little girl to sport the Native American ensemble, you may need to not just attach multi-colored feathers to the skirt, but also to create a colorful belt with the use of felt cloth. You may also cut out feather-like patterns from felt cloth to affix to the top part of the costume.

Meanwhile, the Pilgrim costume doesn't need any accessorizing at all. It's plain and simple. You may just have to come up with a DIY collar or bib as mentioned in Step 2.

With the harvest-inspired outfit, you may want to cut out a turkey or pumpkin which you can sew onto or attach to the front of the shirt. Furthermore, it would be good to accentuate with a makeshift belt made with tiny plastic fruits and vegetables.

Don't be limited with the ideas given here, though. You can be as creative and imaginative as you want to be!

Step 4: Make a Matching Headdress.

Now here's the last step--- making a matching headdress! To gather ideas, you can browse through costume pictures on the Internet as well as actual photos of Indians and Pilgrims which took part in the original Thanksgiving celebration. You'll then see how their headdresses looked like.

It's easy to make the Native American headdress because you just have to have a band to wrap around the head, plus a couple of feathers standing up. As for the Pilgrim look, you can use a white piece of cloth or scarf to wrap around the head. Just make sure to attach strings to be tied under the chin.

Now if you wish to dress up your little girl in a harvest-themed costume, you have more alternatives to pick from for the headdress. You can come up with a sticks, hay, and/or straw hat or crown, adorned with DIY paper flowers. You can also make do with headbands designed with large sunflowers or fruits.

Certainly there are tons of ideas you can play around with for your little girl's wonderful Thanksgiving costume. Feel free to browse through our collection of Thanksgiving tutus and other tutu designs to help you make the DIY ensemble.