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Daughter's Big Daddy

Posted by Teri on 4/8/2014
The popular comedian Jeff Foxworthy said it best one time when he said, "There is one thing about raising a little girl. There is a pretty good chance she's going to grow up to be a woman."

Truer words have never been said, no? And women, when they are grown up, are completely in touch with their femininity regardless of the amount they have in store. (We all know of some girly-girls as women, and we also know some "tomboys," and some in between the two.) 

It is also said that the early years in a person's life can be the most impressionable to a child in terms of the kind of person he or she will become over time. And when it comes to a girl becoming a woman, that can certainly apply.

We all know that moms would love and embrace a girl's feminine side, but what can we do about those dads out there who want to connect with their daughters? While there is certainly nothing wrong with introducing your daughter to a baseball or football game on television or in person, but there can be a fine line with dads embracing a girl's womanly potential. 

A dad, however, can be a great model for showing strength and independence and teaching those virtues to daughters. For example, making the daughter do the same chores or help out the same way around the house as a boy would. Teaching your daughter that it's OK to lose and it's OK to stand up for yourself and be a humble winner. 

And while we know of dads who will participate in tea parties with their daughters, some may draw the line at dress up. However, one way a dad can help embrace his daughter's womanly potential is to go shopping with her. Show her clothes on a website (or she might show you!), or take her to a clothing boutique and have her browse the racks and share with you what she likes and why. It is OK to have opinions about what she picks out (if something is not very modest, for example) and use this as an opportunity to teach your daughter how to be a proper woman - beautiful, but substantial. Daughters do want to please their dads as much as moms, so using a shopping trip as a connecting period and a life-learning experience can be rewarding for all involved.

Let's face it, that little girl is likely going to become a woman - and dads, you can have some control over what kind of woman she will become. This isn't just mom's job.