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Delightfully Cute and Stylish Tutus for Women of All Ages

Posted by Teri on 1/20/2014
The main pride and joy of the Southern Wrag Company are its gorgeous and vibrant tutus, which are created and designed to fit infants, toddlers, teenagers, and adults. All of their adorable tutus are made of soft triple layer mesh material that provide that extra fluff and is very soft to feel on the skin as well. In addition, they also have elastic waistbands on all pieces for that extra snug and comfy fit.
Infants to toddlers
Infancy and early childhood are the best times for girls to wear tutus. Every girl has gone through a tutu-wearing stage at least once in her young life and there’s nothing like looking back on these adorable outfit shots as well, wouldn’t you agree? These tutus are perfect for special occasions such as birthday parties, the holiday season, as well as events that necessitate wearing costumes such as Halloween, contests, pageants, and so on.
Teens to adults
Even those that are not so little anymore, but are definitely still young-at-heart can still wear tutus! Southern Wrag also offers tutus fit for teenagers, adults, and even plus-sized women. These can be used for performances by dancers, for costume parties, or even just for the simple purpose of making an eye-catching fashion statement! In addition, there are also longer tutus available that you can cut and customize to the length of your liking.
You’ll be amazed at the wide range of different colors, prints, and lengths of tutus that the Southern Wrag Company offer. And if you don’t know what perfect top to pair it with, do feel free to browse through the rest of the other pieces and other accessories such as corsets and Fascinators among many others, that are all ready for shipping. But if you still want a more personal and unique outfit, then by all means have it customized to bring your fantasy into reality!