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Find the Right Theme for Your Next Tutu Party

Posted by Tutu Heaven on 7/25/2014
Whether your next party is for you and other adults at Halloween, or whether it's a dress-up birthday party for your little girl or someone's little girl, a good tutu party probably should have some kind of unifying theme.

While sure, it's fun to see the different costume creations that your girls and woman friends come up with, having a theme can be just as fun because it is interesting to see how much creativity certain party attendees have within a certain set of parameters. Will there be a faux pas, where two or more people dress the same or have the very same costume? Who has the most creative outfit?

If you are one who enjoys themed parties, or you have a little girl who just has to dress up and pretend she is in her favorite movie for her next birthday, then we have some creative ideas for you. You see, we know all about the themed party ideas, and we have put our heads together and created some wonderful costume combinations that will fit in with several themes. 

If you look on the left-hand side of this page under "Character Couture," you can see a variety of ideas for your next themed party that involve tutus and costumes. From the popular "Frozen" movie to the classic Disney tale "101 Dalmatians," to Minnie Mouse and Hello Kitty, we have some fun costume ideas and color combinations that will work well for your particular theme and make for a very fun gathering of friends and/or family.

Is there a theme idea you have that we don't list here? Then feel free to let us know about it, and maybe we can develop something for others to use in the future! We're always open to new ideas!