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How to Care for Your Tutu

Posted by Teri on 5/19/2014
Your tutu will provide tons of fun and fancy times, and continue to do so if you learn how to properly take care of it.  While they aren’t especially difficult to care for, there are a few basics to be aware of.
Unpacking A Tutu:
Unpack Tutu then Shake, Finger-comb and Fluff: Gently ‘comb’ (or ‘rake’) your fingers through the tulle of the tutu, starting at the waistband and proceeding down to the hem, removing any twisting, crumpling or knots. Hang the tutu up on a skirt hanger or other clipped hanger (a small child’s hanger is ideal.)
Care for a Wrinkled Tutu:
NEVER iron a tutu! Steam works best. If you don’t own a clothing steamer, you can always make use of an inexpensive humidifier. Set the humidifier on a towel to catch any drips, then with the tutu securely on a hanger, hold it directly above the steam and slowly move the tutu back and forth until it is straight and fluffy again. (Turn it inside out and do that side first, then flip it). Hang up. Some people put their tutu in bathroom while they’re taking a steamy shower so it won’t be a complete waste of water.  This method may not work as quickly as a steamer or humidifier. Another way to straighten your tutu: Spray with water bottle, hang, and let the weight of the water straighten it while it drips dry.
To Wash a Tutu:
Spot clean it only where needed, using gentle soap and water. Rinse, straighten and let dry. Do not wash a tutu in a washing machine. If entire tutu is dirty, gently hand wash in the sink. Rinse well, finger-comb, and hang to dry.
Tulle Fabric:
There are different types of tulle, made in different countries. Much of the tulle made in China is made from a polyester/nylon combination, and while it may feel nice and soft, it is not flame-resistant. Premium 100% Nylon Tulle, made in the USA is inherently flame-resistant. Other tutus may be made from cotton fabric scraps, in which case you may end up needing to iron (only) the cotton (not the tulle) strips.
Static Cling:
It happens. Tutus are made of nylon and/or polyester, so static can be an issue. Try wiping each strip of tulle with a fabric softener sheet. Or spritz with water and hang to dry. A solution of water and liquid fabric softener can also be sprayed on the tutu and worked through.