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Recommended Pirate Costume Ideas for Girls

Posted by Teri on 3/21/2014
Pirate-themed party is one of the most popular themed party ideas among many kids and teens. Thanks in part to the popularity of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise that starred Johnny Depp, many girls (and even boys) fancy themselves as the next pirate to save the day. Add the intricate details that come with the event design and the costumes and you have the perfect recipe for a party theme that can provide enormous entertainment to your kids and their guests. But keep in mind that the party theme is just the start. To get the ball rolling, you need to pay attention to a number of party elements that can help you pull off a pirate-themed birthday party. You need to pay attention to the design, set-up, and the food and of course the costumes that your kids will wear. The costumes are critical elements that can complete the theme, so make sure you include these into your strategic plan. If you want to pursue this theme, then here are some pirate costume ideas for girls.

DIY approach to pirate costumes

You don’t need to be an expert or sewing machine just to come up with a fun pirate costume for your kids. Just make sure you are backed with a creative imagination and easy-to-find materials like a used tracksuit paints, horizontal striped t-shirts, red sash belt, pirate eye patch, crayons or pens and a pirate sword. Simply cut the tracksuit pants, and cut a leg shorter than the other one. Add to the costume the selected stripe t-shirt, a red shirt is best.  Once ready, you can focus on the accessories by making a pirate eye patch an adding the red sash belt and headscarf. Add some facial scars using a pen and show off the sword. With these simple steps, your kids can channel their ‘inner pirates’ in them.

Get inspiration from tutu costumes

Did you know that the tutus best for ballet can also work as the basis for your pirate costumes? Tutus can be customized complete with accessories and skull caps to come up with a look that approximates the common pirate. These are commercially-available tutu costumes that can be customized to meet your needs and special requirements.

It’s easier to pull off a pirate-themed party if you have these costumes in place. As long as you have the main elements like costumes in place, then you can engage your guests and host a memorable birthday experience.