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Spice Up your Ballet Tutu

Posted by Teri on 1/23/2014
Traditional ballet outfits are composed of soft colors like white and light pink.  Get creative with your outfit and spice up your tutu.  Whether young or old, you can have some fun by getting creative with your ballet attire.  The following are just a few examples of the different tutu options available that are much more interesting than the typical choices. 
Printed Tutus
Playing with prints is a unique way to change up your typical ballet wardrobe.  There are tutus available in a variety of different printed patterns.  Popular choices are animal prints, stripes, and rainbow tutus.  There are animal print tutus available with cheetah print and zebra print that are perfect for a less mundane tutu. 
Neon Tutus
Neon tutus are an even better way to stand out in your ballet attire.  Bright pinks, oranges, and yellows look great when paired with a black leotard.  Express yourself by choosing a tutu in your favorite color and thinking beyond traditional color options.
Rave Tutus
Rave tutus are the perfect way to change up your ballet attire or make great options for a Halloween costume or a party.  Rave tutus are available in a variety of bright, exciting colors.  Choose from options like purple, green, and blue to enhance the effect of your outfit.  Rave tutus are a versatile compliment to your wardrobe, and you will, most certainly, find a time to wear them.  
While traditional and classic, ordinary ballet tutus can be boring.  There are a range of different tutu options available that often get overlooked.  Keep these popular options in mind next time you are considering purchasing a unique tutu.  Here at Southern Wrag, we offer tutus in each of these categories to meet the needs of every age and size.