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The Autumnal Tutu

Posted by Tutu Heaven on 8/27/2014
As the cooler weather is about to come upon us - finally! in some parts of the country - there is a certain interest in getting out the cooler-weather clothing like sweaters, light jackets, jeans and long pants. 

At the same time, after a hard summer, it'll be good to get outside and enjoy the changing of the leaves from their normal green into the vibrant oranges, reds and yellows that many of us enjoy. 

One of the usual disappointments, though, is that some believe the fall means that the tutus that we so enjoyed in the spring and summer will now have to be put away. But that does not necessarily have to be the case. 

We know full well that tutus can and should be worn at least eight to nine months of the year, and there are tutus that are perfect for Halloween parties or trick-or-treating. Tutus are certainly more fun with the light material that goes well with warmer weather, but you do not have to give up entirely on tutus for the fall, as there are designs that are made specifically as costumes and others that are made longer and with heavier or thicker fabrics that will stand up better to cooler weather. 

Do not give up on tutus with the weather change - you can still be a princess and look your best in an autumnal tutu of bright fall colors, and you can check out the collection of such we have available to you for your next Halloween party or trick-or-treating adventure with the little ones!