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The Versatility Of The Tutu

Posted by Tutu Heaven on 9/12/2014

The first tutu was created for the Paris Opera Ballet in 1832. Almost two hundred years later, the tutu is here to stay, and has found several homes beyond the footlights of the ballet stage. Following are three different ways to rock the tutu.


Perhaps the most obvious and the most common, an artsy tutu accompanies a costume or appears at a zany party. Incorporating a pink tutu into your flamingo costume or a green tutu into your outfit for a superhero party adds elements of fun, drama, and whimsy to your ensemble. Try a tutu if you’re planning to be in a parade, if you’re looking to stand out at a music festival, or if you’re looking to spice up your outfit on Spirit Day.


The same fun, drama, and whimsy can translate to athletics as well. Consider wearing a tutu over your shorts for your next marathon. Choose a color that shows your school spirit to remind you of your days on the varsity team, or wear a color that shows your support for a cause. People watching the race will be more likely to see you and cheer, and a little cheering doesn’t hurt when the race begins to get rough.


There are a remarkable number of advocates who are attempting to bring the tutu entirely into the mainstream. Anyone who is looking to fully embrace the tutu and incorporate it into her wardrobe should not feel alone or afraid. Pair your tutu with masculine-inspired jackets and tone it down with dark tights and serious shoes and together, you and your tutu can go almost anywhere.

Whether you’re looking to jazz up a costume, spice up a run, or ramp up your everyday attire, the tutu is there for you. Although not everyone might be equally comfortable wearing a tutu in every situation, it is important to remember that the tutu is not just for ballerinas and little girls any longer.