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Throw a Themed Birthday Party

Posted by Teri on 2/25/2014
Little girls love to play dress up.  There is no better way to celebrate her birthday and make her feel like the most special little girl in the world than with a themed birthday party.  Planning in advance makes throwing a party a lot easier and reduces stress the days leading up to the big day.  Asking someone to help you plan, organize and prepare for the party will take an enormous amount of pressure off of you.

Here are a few tips that will help you throw an awesome party:

  • Make a list of the people you are going to invite and limit the guest list to a manageable number.
  • Set a budget and keep track of your spending so that you don’t go overboard.
  • Pick a date and time for your party and set a time limit so that any parents dropping off their children know when to be back to pick them up. 
  • Choose a Location – home is often best but if it is not feasible there are plenty of alternatives.
  • Decide what you will be serving at your child's birthday party and make a shopping list.
  • Plan some activities - Having 3-4 games planned out for younger children is important in having a fun and successful birthday party. Try to keep the games simple and fun. Classic games like scavenger hunts, musical chairs and pin the tail on the donkey are usually the games that go over the best.
  • Choosing a theme for your child's birthday party makes the party more exciting.

Southern Wrag Company has the most adorable birthday tutus to choose from.  Let your daughter pick the color scheme from one of the many to choose from or send in your color scheme to have your tutu customized.  Your little girl will feel like and look like a princess on her party day.