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Tight Styles to Consider for your Next Party

Posted by Teri on 2/6/2014
Tights and leggings are an overlooked accessory that has a lot of potential.  A unique pair of tights can pull together the perfect costume or spice up an everyday outfit.  There are many different creative and attractive options to consider, these are just a few of our favorite styles of tights.  Browse the hosiery category of our store to see all of the options that there are to consider. 
Thigh Highs
Thigh high stockings are comfortable and stylish option for leg attire.  There are many different prints and patterns to choose from.  Consider neon striped, rainbow, or Harlequin striped thigh high stockings the next time that you need to spice up an outfit or create the perfect ensemble for a costume party.  They will help you look good, and feel great while doing it. 
Fishnet tights are one of the most classic hosiery options, as stylish today as they have ever been.  Fishnets are the perfect way to add a component of sexiness to your outfit or costume.  A witch or pirate costume is quickly taken up a notch with a pair of flashy fishnet tights.  They are also a fun addition to a Friday night party outfit.  Browse our extensive color selections to find the pair that fits you best. 
Beyond thigh high socks and fishnets, there are even more unique options to consider.  There are several styles of tights providing a unique effect, such as spider web and tattered tights.  The texture of these tights provides an interesting effect and is sure to attract attention to your outfit.  The options are most popular around Halloween, but when added to pair of leather boots can create a tough-looking ensemble. 
These are just a few of our favorite styles of tights and hosiery.  Offering a wide selection of different colors, we are sure to have something that meets your fancy.  Whether you’re looking for fishnets, thigh highs, or even tutu’s, Southern Wrag has it all.  We offer an extensive collection of apparel and accessories, all of the highest quality available.  Check out our online store to see everything that we have to offer.