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Top Accessories to Match with Your Tutu

Posted by Tutu Heaven on 7/21/2014

A tutu makes for an adorable outfit for your baby or your young daughter, whether you are getting ready for a special event or you are just dressing her for a special picture. While you can make some memorable pictures with nothing but a baby in a tutu, you often need some other accessories to make the look stand out.

Here are a few of the top accessories to consider matching with your tutu:


Babies look adorable wearing a headband with an oversized bow or flower that matches their gorgeous, oversized tutu. You may also opt for a simpler look, such as a thin band with a small flower or heart. Rhinestones and feathers make for beautiful accents, as well. The type of headband you choose can have a big impact on the whole look and whether it is whimsical or outlandish, simple or sophisticated.


Some babies won’t tolerate headbands, or the weather might be too cool for them. Knit caps can be just as cute, and they provide some warmth. The caps can be decorated with the same types of accessories, such as flowers, bows, feathers and more.


Part of the fun in wearing tutus is that they feel like costumes. You can play up this aspect of the tutu by pairing it with a mask. Babies likely won’t tolerate masks, but your little girl will probably have a great time wearing one. Consider getting a mask embellished with rhinestones, painted designs and other details.


Add a pair of wings to any tutu, and your little girl will look like a fairy princess. You can match the color of the wings to the color of the tutu, or you can experiment with different combinations to create more whimsical looks.

When you choose a tutu for your little girl, don’t forget the accessories. The right choices can create a memorable look that you will cherish in photos for years to come.