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Throw a Themed Birthday Party

Posted by Teri on 2/25/2014
Little girls love to play dress up. There is no better way to celebrate her birthday and make her feel like the most special little girl in the world than with a themed birthday party. Planning in advance makes throwing a party a lot easier and reduces stress the days leading up to the big day. Asking someone to help you plan, organize and prepare for the party will take an enormous amount of pressure off of you.

Creative Uses for Your Girl’s Tutu Dresses

Posted by Teri on 2/11/2014
Tutu dresses for girls have come a long way. Traditionally seen in ballet performances, these cute dresses for girls are now part of many girls’ wardrobe and now carried by top designer brands and independent sellers. And since the latest offerings of tutu dresses come in different cuts, styles and colors then your girls are given the chance to wear these dresses for different kinds of occasions and family gatherings. Here are some creative uses for your girls’ tutus that can work at all times.

Tight Styles to Consider for your Next Party

Posted by Teri on 2/6/2014
Tights and leggings are an overlooked accessory that has a lot of potential. A unique pair of tights can pull together the perfect costume or spice up an everyday outfit. There are many different creative and attractive options to consider, these are just a few of our favorite styles of tights. Browse the hosiery category of our store to see all of the options that there are to consider.